“I’ve never worked with anyone like Seta before, but when my brother recommended her to me, I had to listen.”

Seta is like nobody I’ve ever worked with.  I immediately referred my wife, who has been battling chronic health issues, as well as my son, who has autism.  In both cases, Seta was able to provide them both with immediate relief and a warm, caring, kindness of spirit that was very welcome – even more so during these chaotic times.  My own experience with Seta has helped me to manage stress and to heal deep-seated wounds, some of which I could not previously name.  I look forward to every session with Seta as an opportunity to commune with a higher power, to heal, and to strengthen.  I cannot recommend her with more conviction. 

~ Jeff  

“How can one put into words the work that Seta does and the profound effect she has on the lives of those fortunate enough to know her?”

I have been seeing Seta for many, many years – so wonderful and fortunate to have been placed in the same town – and throughout our journey together, Seta has opened my eyes, heart, and energy to much more healing, love, growth, awareness, and spirituality than I could have imagined.  I now know to never have a thought or plan of how a session could or should go, I leave it all up to Seta and her wisdom and connection with God, and the healing work goes beyond human understanding. Seta’s sessions are divinely instructed, organized, and executed and change lives for the better, and, she delivers the message clearly, truthfully, and with compassion for us all.

~ Jill Eras

“I have the privilege of being a client of Seta’s. It has been a life-changing experience.”

I sought help with a chronic bladder problem of 40 years, accompanied by severe pain in my lower left pelvic area. I was hospitalized for this pain at 7 and 9 yrs. of age, only to be discharged without a diagnosis. This pain has been a complete mystery to all my Dr’s. since then. Seta did a past life regression and linked this pain to a previous life experience. I am now pain-free!  As a medical intuitive and energy healer, Seta has an incredible array of techniques that have helped me and my daughter with various medical and emotional issues. She has exquisite intuitiveness, genuine empathy, and exceptional skills as a healer.  Words cannot describe how talented she is. It has been a blessing to be her client! 

~ Jane Barrow

“I feel blessed to have found help from Seta Shahinian at a critical point in my life.”

Utilizing energetic and prayerful methods, she has fostered subtle and profound changes. Her use of medicinal remedies and unique therapeutic techniques is perfectly targeted. Seta’s diagnostic and observational abilities are phenomenal. For instance, after she worked on my ocular migraine issue, I have never had another migraine incident. Various other physical and emotional health issues have been alleviated also. Seta is deeply committed to improving the well being of people in pain and possesses the skills to transform lives.

~ Susanne Nowak

“I have been a client of Seta’s for many years now and fully expect to continue to benefit from her gifts for years to come.”

I had had limited experience with energy healing prior to our first meeting, but Seta’s kind and caring spirit in addition to her broad skills across many healing modalities have helped me integrate these healthy practices into my life as a regular practice. I am a huge fan and strongly recommend Seta to anyone who is ready to open themself to a deeper level of understanding.

~ Rick

Working with Seta Araz Shahinian has been absolutely life-changing for me”

I have worked with many healers. Seta is unique in that she integrates many different modalities into her healings. I have had three sessions, each of them different and powerful. Seta heals primarily through prayer. Other modalities include past life regression and re-scripting issues from past lifetimes as well as the present. These sessions are intense and profoundly healing. Sessions are equally effective in-person and remotely.

Seta has helped me to identify and release subconscious beliefs and patterns that have prevented me from reaching my full potential. Her sessions have given me profound insights and have helped me to heal old wounds.

If you are looking for an experienced healer with a variety of healing techniques, who is passionate, kind, empathic and able to get to the source of your traumas/blockages, I would highly recommend Seta Araz Shahinian. I am extremely grateful to Seta for her loving guidance and healings and look forward to future growth as I continue to work with her.

~ Liz A, Tenafly