is a unique on-line holistic healing library for the education and guidance of healing your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Every human being has the capability. Most of us only lack the education. is dedicated to providing simple to use tools and resources for personal and spiritual growth.

This online resource library has been developed and designed to facilitate self-healing by using various multimedia tools.  The methodology is very simple and easy to use. Developed by to renowned healer, Seta Shahinan who has been utilizing these methods with her patients for many years as both an adjunct or additional support to the energy work performed in her practice.  Now, Seta brings these remarkable tools and information to all.

The tools include audio based healing prayers, written prayers and video tutorials to illustrate her signature Two Hands to Heal energy method.  The healing tools may be used individually or together depending upon the issue one seeks to resolve.

Coming Soon ~
Our library is currently in development.  Please join our mailing list and we’ll contact you once it’s complete and ready for your use.