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Collective Prayer for the World and Planet Earth, December 27th – 8:00 PM (EST)

by icm

Please join me and partake in a group prayer for the world and planet Earth. Collective prayer is infinitely more impactful and more essential than ever before. During these times of unrest and uncertainty, we need to pray now more than ever. My intention is to alter our collective path for the greater good with […]

Join me for a Healing to Attract the Blessings of Abundance, Sunday, May 3rd @3:00 PM (EST)

by icm

Per my understanding from Source, the ability to attract abundance is dependent upon 7 specific steps, states and conditions that must be present. There are those amongst us who already possess these abilities, attributes, habits, beliefs, and mindset. Therefore, they are naturally in alignment with Source and are able to create and attract abundance into […]

A Healing for Health, Vitality & Well-Being | Sunday, April 5, 2020, at 3:00 PM (EST)

by icm

“During these days of heightened alarm regarding health, the peace of mind that comes with reinforcing our vitality and enhancing our overall health is invaluable. The more calm you remain, the stronger your immune system will be. Negative emotions like fear and anxiety suppress your immune system and diminish your vitality as well as your […]

Collective Prayer to End Coronavirus on Sunday, March 22nd – 3:00 PM (EST)

by icm

In times of hardship and the unknown, the greatest resource we have at our disposal is our faith. When we come together and pray in unison, we are exponentially amplifying our pleas for God to intervene on our behalf. Since God honors free will, and will only intervene if we pray, it is only with […]

Receive a Healing for Freedom from Codependency 1/18/2020

by seta

During this healing webinar, we will be declaring intentions that address the various contributory factors that lead to codependency. We will then recite prayers that were written specifically to address these issues. This will result in a new paradigm in a new paradigm and reality that allows for self-reliance and independence. Your new energetic foundation […]

Webinar #1: Collective Prayer for the Planet – Saturday, 12.28.19 @ 1:11 pm EST

by icm

The first will be on Saturday, December 28, 2019.  It will be a collective prayer for the planet, bringing in the new year.  The goal is to recite the prayer in unison if possible and of course throughout the year.  The prayers will be available online at that time. Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you […]

Guided Spirit Conversations Thursday, 11/21/19 at 9 AM Pacific

by icm

Join Seta Araz-Shahinian on November 21st 2019:The Gift of Prayer: The Significance of Our Words In this episode of Guided Spirit Conversations, Marla interviews energetic healer and alternative care practitioner Seta Araz Shahinian. Seta goes into detail about the power of prayer and how important it is to use your words correctly. Seta shares on […]

Grief and Rebirth podcast’s first Mother/Daughter Summit!

by icm

In honor of mother’s day, I will be participating in the Grief and Rebirth podcast’s first ever Mother/Daughter Summit!The event will focus on the mother/daughter dynamic in new and enlightening ways. Topics will include learning how to break or recreate patterns in the mother/daughter relationship, discussing the teen/tween years which can be fraught with challenging […]