Complimentary Prayers

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Declaring an intention is the first step to initiating change and creating the life and reality we choose to experience. When that intention takes the form of a prayer, eliciting Divine Intervention, the outcome is always transformative. When we pray with faith and gratitude, God’s love and abundance will be bountiful!

Be mindful of your thoughts. They will determine your reality. If you don’t like the life and reality you have created, then You must pray for God’s merciful grace to intervene on your behalf, reversing the undesirable consequences you carelessly and unconsciously attracted and manifested into your life.


Earth is Our Home Away From Home

by icm

The following words were given to me after a group prayer concluded on behalf of the world and planet Earth. It’s neither a prayer nor a poem, simply words that convey a clear message. We are all here for a purpose; to evolve, to contribute and to be of service. During our brief departure from […]

Collective Daily Prayer @ 1:11 PM (EST)

by icm

Although we may be physically apart, if we all pray together at 1:11 pm every day, our collective voices in unison will exponentially amplify our prayers. Kindly set your alarms at 1:11 pm and take less than one minute of your day and dedicate it in service to the world. Thank you! Lord have Mercy. […]

“I remain in my faith”

by icm

I remain in my faith all is perfect and Divinely orchestrated in my life now and in the future.” With this simple yet profound statement, we are actively engaging God as we declare our faith. Our intention is clear. We are asking for all to be perfect. As we surrender, we are placing all of […]

I remain in my Faith and I am Grateful for the Mercy of Gods Grace

by icm

It is during uncertain times that we most require a healing. In this session, we will discuss the power of deliberate intentions, the importance of praying correctly and preventing the undesirable consequences of incorrect thoughts and deeds. As in each session, you will receive a healing while you learn and grow. Please join our mailing […]

St. Nerses Shnorhali, “In Faith, I Confess Prayer”

by icm

As part of a Collective Prayer on Sunday at 3:00 pm EST, I would like to share this prayer with all of you. My dear friend, another Seta who is a noted healer, was told by Spirit to recite the 24 verses of the renowned prayer “In Faith, I Confess” by Saint Nerses Shnorhali, 1166-1173. […]

A Prayer to Uphold Vaccination Freedom Rights and Choice

by icm

Our collective voices in prayer are exponentially impactful and effective. May God bless our cause in New Jersey and throughout the entire United States of America. Please pray often as repetition is necessary to achieving our goals. As a spiritual healer, I can attest that every soul praying makes a difference. Download a prayer to […]

Lord, I Am Your Servant

by icm

This prayer helps clear past wrongdoings to move forward: Lord, I am Your servant. I remain in my faith, asking for Your guidance, Your grace and Your mercy. Please correct the error of my ways and instill Your light and love within me, illuminating me as I live each day in Your Holy presence.

Holy Father Protection Prayer

by icm

Holy Father, please take me within your embrace. Fill me with Your love and light. Bless me with Your Merciful Grace. Love me as Your worthy child. Please take me with You forevermore. Protect me and keep me by Your side.Stand by me as I live and as I die.Walk with me for all of […]