Although we may be physically apart, if we all pray together at 1:11 pm every day, our collective voices in unison will exponentially amplify our prayers. Kindly set your alarms at 1:11 pm and take less than one minute of your day and dedicate it in service to the world. Thank you!

Lord have Mercy. Lord have Mercy. Grateful for Your mercy Lord!”

As God always honors our free will, it is only through prayer that we are able to invite God to intervene in our lives and on behalf of the world. Now more than ever, we need to pray in unison. Please commit to also praying the previously posted world prayer, indicated below!

God, Creator of all, please oversee and bless planet Earth and preserve all life, the environment, and all habitats so that we may all live and thrive in peace and harmony now and in the future. I thank you, God! I love you God! I glorify and praise God from whom all blessings flow! Amen”

As we have entered into Holy Week with Easter and Passover approaching, the Lord feels so close and ever-present. A special thanks to my dearest friend Seta Balmanoukian, a soulful and compassionate healer, for passing the message from Source to pray,