Per my understanding from Source, the ability to attract abundance is dependent upon 7 specific steps, states and conditions that must be present. There are those amongst us who already possess these abilities, attributes, habits, beliefs, and mindset. Therefore, they are naturally in alignment with Source and are able to create and attract abundance into their lives.

For others, to varying degrees, this presents a lifelong challenge. After all, the law of attraction is exact and precise and the Universe can only give back to you exactly that which emanates from you, that which you project. You are uniquely responsible for your reality. The good news is that when you assume responsibility for your life, you have all of the power.

There are 7 distinct steps to creating abundance. We may have difficulty in one or all. For example, we may be able to receive, but we are unable to retain these blessings. Therefore, we become incapable of utilizing and creating abundance since our resources are fleeting. We may frequently indulge feelings or emotions of guilt. Unfortunately, guilt is accompanied by powerlessness, self-criticism, and unworthiness. After all, guilt must be punished. We can’t simultaneously feel guilty and receive abundance. The first precludes the manifestation of the second. Perhaps we may complain and grumble with such frequency that our reality is comprised of attracting even more occurrences to complain about. Remember that pesky law of attraction. Complaining gives birth to more things to complain about while gratitude gives birth to more to be grateful for. There are just a few examples that might need to be addressed. Most individuals are unconscious about the true reasons why they can’t attract abundance.

It is so difficult to dissolve entrenched patterns and behaviors. It is by invoking God’s Merciful Grace that we are granted true freedom from these obstructive patterns that we created in our ignorance or carelessness. Without Divine Intervention, in order to reverse the undesirable consequences of our incorrect thoughts, words, and deeds, we would have to think positively with more frequency and intensity than we did while initially creating the negative patterns. This presents an almost insurmountable task. Therefore, we must pray and request the Creator to reverse, delete and uncreate that which curtails abundance. Spirit has fortunately broken down the necessary requirements that we will be discussing and addressing through prayer. Once we invoke the Creator’s presence, our specific intentions followed by prayers will result in the healing we have requested of the Divine. We must pray with faith and gratitude in order to receive the blessings of abundance.

There is much to accomplish and this healing will be approximately 2 hours in length. It takes time to create definitive and permanent change. You will most likely have to repeat the healing afterward as both the prayers and the healing will be timeless.

Fees for the various webinars vary depending upon the length and Divine Guidance. The investment for attracting abundance will be $45.