As part of a Collective Prayer on Sunday at 3:00 pm EST, I would like to share this prayer with all of you. My dear friend, another Seta who is a noted healer, was told by Spirit to recite the 24 verses of the renowned prayer “In Faith, I Confess” by Saint Nerses Shnorhali, 1166-1173. She was instructed to recite the prayer backward from the 24th passage in reverse down to the first passage 400 times. I am certain that our collective efforts will curtail the virus to some degree, just as the prayers of others will cumulatively make a difference: every person and every prayer counts. The attachment of the prayer is included below.

Download Saint Nerses Shnorhali, “In Faith, I Confess”: *Back to Front
Download Saint Nerses Shnorhali, “In Faith, I Confess” *Front to Back